More than 35 years of continuous practice in the field of general orthopedics and traumatology and surgery of major joints, of the spine, of the front chest wall, of congenital abnormalities and injuries of the musculoskeletal system in children and adults, onkoortopediya.

Training in leading clinics as Bruderhaus, Koblenz, Charité, Berlin, University Hospital Brno, Center for Scoliosis, Bad Vildunger, KNIO, Kiev, NIB, Novosibirsk, CITO, Moscow.

Degrees from the Medical University of Sofia, University of Rush, Chicago Kourtel-Debussy, Paris.

Multi-year practice in specialised clinics as Uiveristy Hospital Prof. Boycho Boychev - Gorna Banya, University Hospital St. Anna - Sofia University Hospital Sofiamed - Sofia.

Author and co-author of 165 scientific papers and reports in Bulgaria and abroad. Authorship inventors' certificates owner, leader and member of teams on innovations in diagnosis and treatment in the field of general orthopedics, spine deformities of the anterior chest wall and tumors of the extremities.